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Managing the Compliance Risks Associated with Business Travel & Remote Working

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Business Travel is becoming more complex

Global Regulatory Authorities are taking a much closer look at Business Travel for the compliance issues they create with frequent business travel.

New Global tax legislation means companies nowadays need to know not only where their business travellers are – but also to know what they are doing in that jurisdiction.

We help with that – by counting the accumulated days each traveller spends in each location and applying our extensive rules engine of over 6 million algorithms we can keep you ahead of the compliance curve.

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Three ways to manage your travel data

We have a flexible approach to a complex issue

Travel Agency Tracker

Travel Agency Tracker

Link your Travel Agency Data to our Rules Engine to deliver Taxation and Immigration Alerts.

Travel Data Consulting

Travel Data Consulting

If you prefer to monitor travel data in the background then utilise our Travel Data Consulting service.

Smartphone Tracker

Smartphone Tracker

Go to the one constant in a business travel event - the traveller and their smartphone.

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GT Global Tracker 

Pre-Trip Assessment Tool

Post Covid-19, pre-trip assessments are going to be a critical part of business traveller management. We have incorporated the prevailing country restrictions, isolation alerts and medical certification requirements into our technology.

Pre-Trip Assessment Tool

Separate products for Corporate or Service provider Implementation

  • Immigration providers
  • Risk Management Providers
  • Tax Providers
  • Relocation Management companies
  • Travel Management Companies
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