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ECA International today announced a significant financial investment in Tracker Software Technologies (TST), the Dublin-based SaaS platform that operates the Global Tracker tool and powers the majority of today’s enterprise-level business traveller and remote worker solutions.

ECA International’s investment will provide additional working capital and enable TST to scale its team rapidly to meet the demands of its extensive new business pipeline.  It will also create opportunities for closer collaboration between the two companies with an immediate benefit being a greater international presence for TST through ECA International’s offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

As the world emerges from the paralysis of the pandemic, companies of all sizes are focusing on compliance issues raised by their employees’ travel and remote working.  TST’s SaaS platform is the only tool on the market to provide a solution that integrates multiple streams of travel and HR data with in-house and third-party service providers.  Once implemented, it is the central piece of clients’ tax, social security, immigration, Posted Worker registration, Duty of Care and Covid-19 compliance jigsaw.  It is also being used to navigate the post-Brexit immigration rules under which UK citizens are now required to record time spent in the Schengen Area and obtain a work permit for many activities where one was previously not required.

Andrew Shaw, Managing Director of ECA International said: “We are delighted to welcome TST fully into the ECA International family.  As an early strategic investor, we have witnessed the flexibility and continuous improvement of their software, the breadth and accuracy of their data research and their team’s deep industry knowledge and enthusiasm for client service – qualities that are all closely aligned with ECA’s values and key to our own services.

TST’s and ECA’s core businesses are highly complementary and I know that clients of both companies will benefit from closer collaboration.  With increasing numbers of corporates realising that travel and remote working compliance needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency, we’re delighted to be able to provide the investment needed for TST to fly to even greater heights.”

TST CEO, Liam Brennan, commented “Corporates have used the pandemic shutdown to re-engineer their business travel processes.  We have helped them implement tools quickly and efficiently to ensure they are ready for the resumption of travel.  In many cases this includes automated pre-trip approval processes that keep up to date with ever-changing border rules as well company policy.

“TST powers multiple white-label and corporate-branded tools, each reflecting the current landscape but tailored to the risk profile of the corporate client.  Our platform is also being used to manage Remote Worker requests giving decision-makers a detailed report of the risks attributable to each employee’s preferences.  In most companies, multiple departments are being simultaneously bombarded with requests for remote work.  They don’t have a centralised or automated system to manage this workload – we solve that problem for them in a matter of days.”

Following the transaction, TST is 100% controlled by ECA International and its Founder and CEO, Liam Brennan.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.



About ECA International: ECA International is the market-leading provider of knowledge, information and technology that enables businesses to manage their international reward programmes. 

Partnering with thousands of clients on every continent, we provide a fully-integrated suite of quality data, specialist software, consultancy and training. Our unparalleled insights guide clients as they mobilise their most valuable resource: people.

We make the complex world of international mobility simple, providing clients with the expertise and support they need to make the right decisions – every time.

ECA International: Mobility solutions for a world that’s constantly moving.

About TST: The TST platform is the only SaaS solution on the market solely focussed on business traveller compliance management. Fortune 100 companies rely on the system to manage the compliance actions of their travelling and remote worker employees.

Some features of TST’s tool:

  • Pre Trip Approval for travel – encompassing Covid, Tax, Immigration, Social Security, Posted Worker and Duty of Care alerting and approval workflows.
  • Schengen Clock: Records time in the Schengen area and alerts travellers and HR teams as relevant thresholds approach.
  • Posted Worker Regulations: the system will alert when a registration requirement arises and then support different service models to perform the necessary downstream administration – from self-serve to inhouse support or external vendor support.
  • Taxation & Immigration threshold alerts
  • Duty of Care Emergency location and Panic Alerting
  • Remote Worker Requests and day counting in remote locations

For further information, please contact:

Liam Brennan


Jack Firth

+44 (0)20 7351 5000


Tracker Software Technologies (TST) today announced a further funding round to support the build out of their travel technology platform supporting business travel compliance for global corporates. Funding to date is now in excess of 2m USD.

The Dublin company supplies software to some of the largest global Tax and Relocation Management companies to ensure corporate business travel adheres to ever strict national taxation, immigration and duty of care obligations.

Liam Brennan, CEO of TST welcomed the completion of the funding round from founding members Diana Busk and first round investors ECA International, seeing it as an endorsement of the company strategy to focus on the key compliance elements of business travel in an increasingly complex world  –  ‘’to complete this funding in the face of an almost total global stop of business travel is a testament to how our technology will enable global corporates get back travelling in a safe and compliant manner’.

TST’s technology helps companies manage the maze of global immigration, taxation and Covid 19 restrictions as companies get back travelling.

Brennan commented,  ‘as well as the normal tax and immigration issues that all companies face, we supply trip assessment tools that allow companies to work out how and who they can send to a destination to service their clients. While the impression is that all travel has stopped many of our customers supply critical services and infrastructure and are still travelling. Our technology advises on what nationality can enter a jurisdiction and how the recent travel pattern of a traveller could impact admittance’.

TST distributes through a ‘white label’ process and is the platform behind many of the global business travel compliance products in the market today.

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