Pre-Trip Assessment

Successfully Managing Business Travellers Post Covid-19

Post Covid-19, pre-trip assessments will become a critical part of business traveller management.

Navigating the return to business travel will require an understanding of new and increasingly complex demands associated with global business travel in the post Covid-19 era. We have incorporated the prevailing country restrictions, isolation alerts and medical certification requirements into our technology.

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Post Covid-19

We offer separate tools for Corporate clients and for Service Providers to integrate with their existing travel processes.

As organisations look to resume travel operations amidst the post-COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that we at Tracker Software Technologies not only continue to innovate, but also work closely with our clients to ensure they can conduct future business travel in compliance with local regulations. Our platform offers a seamless, hassle-free business travel solution, enabling clients to respond quickly to market shifts and changing business needs and demands.

Resuming travel operations post Covid-19

Weighing up the risks of resuming international business travel during the Covid-19 pandemic is a daunting task with employers under increasing pressure to resume global operations and maintain profitability while navigating an incredibly complex operating environment and fulfilling their duty of care.  As businesses reframe their future in today’s evolving travel landscape, critical travel data and intelligence is essential to prioritising the safety of their employees.

Working Cross-Functionally

With our new Pre-Trip Assessment tool our clients  can conduct business travel in compliance with local restrictions and regulations providing an automated, and broader view of travelers’ itineraries, including vital travel alerts. In doing so, this not only gives organisations a better understanding of the key risks while driving their businesses forward, it also helps support confident and safe travel decision-making for companies and their travelers at a time when these considerations are particularly important.

Process Flow

Our Pre-Trip Assessment tool offers the ability to work cross functionally, across travel management, booking sources as well as multiple teams and stakeholders. This is further visualised in our new Process Flow Chart.

Risk Management Data Sheet

For further information on how our Pre-Trip Assessment tool can help businesses execute strategies to streamline regulatory compliance and help mitigate the taxation and legal risks associated with travel, download our Data Sheet.

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