Remote Working

To support what many people see as the new way of working, we have developed an exciting new feature to support the ability for companies to be aware of their employees’ locations and wellbeing while working remotely.

Remote Work Requests

Use our system to manage inbound requests from your employees and measure the associated risks with  approving that request

Establish Where “Home” is

Where exactly is “home”? If it’s in another jurisdiction, there may be  Permanent Establishment or Corporate Nexus Tax Risks.

Track with our Rules Engine

Our Tracker rules engine can process long-term compliance risks associated with the accumulating time giving alerts as critical thresholds approach.

Integrate or Stand Alone

Available as part of our full service, combined with our standard tax, immigration and regulatory services alerts or  as a stand-alone product 

Where is "Home"?

When people talk about ‘working from home’ it is often not clear where exactly ‘home’ is. Companies may be exposing themselves to Permanent Establishment, Corporate Nexus Tax Risks or personal withholding & tax residency issues for their employees.

“Home” may be in another national or state jurisdiction and while many companies are facilitating home working during the Covid crisis there is a growing feeling that this phenomenon may prevail over the long term.

Click here to view our latest whitepaper on the new tax and social security compliance issues, which may arise as a result of remote working.

Our Rules Engine Algorithms

Our Tracker Tax rules engine can then process the long-term tax risks associated with the accumulating time giving alerts as critical thresholds approach for withholding or long term Permanent Establishment or Corporate Nexus risks occur. Subject Matter Experts can intervene immediately rather than having to deal retrospectively with Tax Authorities

Running the rules engine automatically on each employee click will take away the manual effort to monitor employee location – a difficult task when managing business travellers – but could be overwhelming when applied to all employees.

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Our ‘Mark me in’ feature is available as a standard
feature of our full service or as a stand-alone product for companies not
subscribing to our full service.

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